Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Blog post, ever!

So here I am, blogging.  I have always had an issue with people that blog.  Girls that are in their 20's and experts on EVERYTHING really annoy me.  So if you are looking for expert advice (and I have to believe no one is looking for ANYTHING here because no one is actually reading this) then this is not going to a blog that will interest you.  What you will find is a daily (hopefully) post of my journey to skinny.  I want a place to put my thoughts, fears, accomplishments (they will happen, damn it), frustrations, etc other than in my head.

So here I am, day 1.  Started Weight Watchers online.  I am excited and nervous.  I am a WW drop-out but it seems to have changed and I get the format.  I have not officially weighed in, will do that tonight, although I am pretty sure I know what the number is.  WW suggested I set a goal of 5% which I did.  When I know what that exact number is I will update here. 

Going to the grocery store is the most intimidating part of the process.  Eating healthy has never been easy.  I know the differences in good and bad food and how to prepare it, but portion control is what usually gets me.  So that will be my first hurdle, figuring out what is the right amount of food to fuel my body and not make it fat! 

Until next time, I am wishing myself good luck!